WMEMC 2020
The Polarization of the Media Industry
14th World Media Economics and Management Conference

May 20-21, 2021 | Rome, Italy


Title Authors
Valuation of Copyrights to Audiovisual Works - Copyright Management Organizations Oguzhan Akin, Pawel Kossecki
The determinants of game crowdfunding success: A content-based analytics approach Tantan Bao
Does Absence Make the Heart Grow Fonder?  Marianne Barrett
Rigor versus relevance: Enforcing dialogue between media management research and practice Miriam Bernhard, Britta M. Gossel, Andreas Will
Disentangling Voting Biases in the Eurovision Song Contest: An Empirical Analysis of Individual Biases in Peer Voting Systems Oliver Budzinski, Daniel Weimar, Sophia Gaenssle
What to bring to the table? An examination of requirements in job announcements targeting media and communication graduates Christopher Buschow, Jule Scheper, Bruns Sophie
Trust in Artificial Intelligence and Anti-DeepFake AI Technology Sylvia Chan-Olmsted, Rang Wang
Emerging Technologies and the Future of the Media. Adoption Strategies as seen by German Media Job Vacancies Magdalena Ciepluch, Uwe Eisenbeis
Individuated Media in the Informational Era Vincent B. Crosbie
Innovation, Renewal and Public Intervention in the Television Production Sector Gillian Doyle
Identifying the components of the consumer based brand equity of media outlets Gianna Ehrlich
Restoring community journalism in the digital age: A business model Sarah B. Fisher
Why Alternative Media is the Future Sarah B. Fisher
Capturing the flow of Audience Attention from the Media Economy into the Advertising Economy: Introducing the I2MAC Framework Vijay Viswanathan, Judy Franks
The Economics of Instagram Stars: Instafame and Sex Sells?“ Sophia Gaenssle
What to engage when you are engaging: College students consuming Netflix in México Ligia García-Béjar
Stepping In and Out: Formal Structures and Informal Coordination Practices in Film Crews Stavros Georgiades
Cultural entrepreneurship or Media entrepreneurship? Definition and Delimitation of Research Programs Britta M. Gossel
Ownership and financial performance of newspaper publishing companies Mikko Grönlund
Sustainability through Civility in News and Information Organizations Yuxi He, Angela M. Powers
Public Perception of VR Treatment for Bereaved families Using LDA Based Text  Mining via YouTube Su Young Kim
The Impact on Over-The-Top Services Adoption: Focusing on Difference between Nonadopters, Free Service Adopters, and Paid Service Adopters Jeongmin Ko
The Potential Impact of AI on Value Creation in Newspaper Publishing Castulus Kolo, Lucas Lutz
Influencer as Content Creators – An International Survey on Motivations, Types of Content, and Business Models Kolo Castulus, Haumer Florian, Roth Alexander
Media Management Education in International Perspective – A Comparative Analysis of Curricula in the US and Germany Castulus Kolo, Bozena Mierzejewska, Florian Haumer, Axel Roepnack, Christopher Schmidt, Anran Luo
Towards explanation of differences in media confidence in European countries Roumiana Konstantinova
Reengineering Journalism: Product Manager as News Industry Institutional Entrepreneur Allie Kosterich
Measuring sustainability of audiovisual and film ecosystems: Beyond firm-centric impact assessments Ivana Kostovska, Tim Raats, Karen Donders
Analysis of User Motivation and Acceptance of Subscription and Free Video on Demand Reinhard Kunz, Sven Notbohm
What Drives Binge-Watching? An Economic Theory and Analysis of Impact Factors Philipp Kunz-Kaltenhaeuser
Factors affecting satisfaction with AI speakers: Focusing on perceived anthropomorphism and technical characteristics Doyeon Lee
A New Era of Antitrust: A Means to Protecting Consumer Data Privacy? Laurie Lee
Risking it all? Media innovation cultures in newspaper organizations in the United States, Germany and Scandinavia Katja Lehtisaari, Mikko Grönlund, Carl-Gustav Lindén, Mikko Villi
From Offline to Online? – An Empirical Analysis of Video Advertising Spending Behavior Nadine Lindstädt-Dreusicke, Elke Theobald, Oliver Budzinski
Lessons for Media Management Science and Practice from Six Pioneers of Management Theory Gregory Ferrell Lowe
Impact of Artificial Intelligence on Media Value Chains: Learning from Media Startups Joschka Mütterlein, Julia Röhrl, Castulus Kolo
Digital technology as an enabler and challenger of strategic renewal Päivi Maijanen
Business model ambidexterity in a digital sports media company: the case of The Athletic Cristian-Ramón Marín-Sanchiz, Miguel Carvajal-Prieto, José-Luis González-Esteban
Being Innovatively Digital – Innovative Broadcasting Business Models in the Age of Digital Transformations Marko Milosavljevic
Big Data, News Automation and Public Service Media. Developing A Generic Public Value Scorecard Model Paul Clemens Murschetz, Gerrit Brösel, Marko Ala-Fossi, Eduard Frantz, Barira Bakhtawar, Sven-Ove Horst, Paulo Faustino, René Zechner
Digital Personal Assistants as Gatekeepers for Consumption? - How Information Intermediaries Shape Competition Victoriia Noskova
Chronic corporate underperformance in Media-Tech firms: a new perspective John Oliver
Building SVOD Brand Loyalty and Brand Equity: Application of Consumer Based Brand Equity Model to SVOD Consumption Anthony Palomba
How Consumer Personalities, Lifestyles, and Demographics Predict SVOD Genre and SVOD Platform Consumption Anthony Palomba
A Capabilities Perspective on the American Television Industry Patricia Phalen
Following the numbers or following the gut feeling? A typology of online journalists’ use of audience analytics drawing from social, organizational and technological influences Robin Riemann
Under pressure. A framework of power relations between journalism, media and information intermediaries. Pascal Schneiders
How Much is Too Much? Audience Response to Day-and-Date Streaming Prices during Covid-19 Ronen Shay
The Curious Case of Spider-Man Film Rights: A Case Study on Media Licensing Ronen Shay
Content and experience: factors behind the choice between free-to-air and pay-tv in the Ecuadorian market Alicia María Urgellés Molina, Mónica Herrero
The Transformational Ability of an Incumbent Newspaper Publisher: An explorative research on the role of boundary spanning in addressing differing or conflicting intra-institutional logics Hans van Kranenburg
Managing Organizational Tensions in Hybrid Organization Collaboration: Case Mediapolis Media Cluster Sari Virta
How subsidies lead to a homogenous film supply Bjørn von Rimscha
Transformation of Russian media industry: the impact of digitalization  Elena Vartanova, Daria Vyugina 
Technology, media and consumption form of music communication —A Historical review and innovative discuss Wang Lin
Building an innovation ecosystem of collaboration between media companies and startups Dirk Wauters
Hitching a ride: the managerial challenges of television companies in co innovating with digital platforms Jun Wu
Social media engagement in U.S. newspapers: Exploring relationships between content niches, circulation size, and social media engagement Qian Yu, Peter Gade, Doyle Yoon, Loarre Andreu Perez
Interaction Quality of Content Creators with their Followers – A Comparative Content Analysis of Micro Youtubers and Social Media Superstars Florian Haumer, Castulus Kolo, Alina Zoch 

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